“…No town has an urban structure connected to nature in as fascinating a way as Scicli”

Paolo Portoghesi

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“Ragusa Ibla is exquisite. Perched on top of a hill above plunging valleys covered in lush vegetation of carob trees and prickly pears, it appears to have been carved out of the chalky, white limestone on which it sits”

Alison Grinter – TNT Magazine

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Modica… “a town in the shape of a pomegranate split open; near the sea but still a country town, half confined to a rocky spur, half spread out at the foot of the hills, with a thousand flights of steps like peacemakers between the two parts of the town, and clouds in the sky between one bell-tower and an-other”

Gesualdo Bufalino “Argo, the Blind Man or Memory’s Dreams”

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