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Cosa si dice

  1. deckerhall 28/05/2019 alle 10:12

    Warm, friendly, excellent guide!
    My husband and I recently had the pleasure of spending half a day with Barbara touring Modica and Ragusa. From the meeting spot and parking instructions to the stories and sites of Modica and Ragusa to the perfect lunch spot to end our day of touring, Barbara was instrumental in making the most of our stop at these two Unesco towns. She is from Modica and so she knows the history of the area perfectly and is able to convey her love for her home town so clearly. We had a great day and some delicious chocolate in Modica!

  2. Claudia ( Schweiz/Svizzera ) 14/04/2019 alle 14:05

    Liebe Barbara

    am 05.0.2018 haben wir mit dir eine wunderbare Montalbano-Tour erleben dürfen. Du hast uns in Ragusa die Orte gezeigt, wo die Film-Szenen gedreht wurden und auch sonst noch viel Interessantes über die Provinz Ragusa und Umgebung erklärt. Du hast das sehr professionell und liebenswürdig gemacht. Wir waren in Ragusa Ibla, Donnafugata, Punta Secca und Scicili. Dort haben wir das Glück gehabt, die Polizeistation von “Vigata” zu besuchen. Deine guten Deutsch/Englisch Kenntnisse waren für uns sehr erfreulich. Wir haben den Tag sehr genossen!

    Wir können deine Führungen herzlich empfehlen.
    Vielen Dank liebe Barbara, es war ein wunderbarar Tag.
    Grazie mille!

    Cari saluti


  3. raism1 ( Toronto - Canada ) 23/09/2018 alle 08:28

    Incredible guide of Ragusa!!
    Six friends toured with Barbara through Scicli, Modica and Ragusa for the past 3 days. Barbara is a fantastic guide-she is passionate about this area, so knowledgeable, filled with enthusiasm, easily transmits the history into a way that can easily be grasped and also a foodie! She guided us to the best eating too. Spending time with Barbara is so easy because she has a calm way about her and one never feels rushed or silly for any questions asked. We all came away wishing to find a way to see her again. The best we can do is strongly suggest you hire her as your guide through these baroque towns. Do NOT hire a general guide of Sicily but a local who truly loves teaching you about the area. I feel I’ve gained insight into the Ragusa province and a love for this area because of Barbara’s guided tours.

  4. Pawdy ( Palo Alto - USA ) 28/06/2018 alle 18:22

    Knowledgeable and Fun
    I spent a day with Barbara touring Ragusa and Modica. She knew all about the history and the best photo shots. The best part was the tour of the chocolatier in Modica and the lesson in the Aztec method of chocolate making. They had the best cannolis in Sicily.

  5. Ellen-On-The-Beach ( Boston - USA ) 30/04/2018 alle 08:23

    Wonderful Tour Guide
    I highly recommend Barbara as a guide in Ragusa. Her enthusiasm for her beautiful city was highly contagious, and she made the city’s history come alive for my friend and I. It was very easy to communicate with her to set up the tour and she was always quick to respond to our inquiries.

  6. Sue and Quentin Humberstone ( UK ) 11/04/2018 alle 16:05

    Barbara made our introduction to Modica both interesting and enjoyable. We asked for her advice on where to eat in Scicli and Noto and were not disappointed. She is an excellent guide and both professional and very likeable.

  7. Jutanlc ( Singapore ) 26/12/2017 alle 12:39

    Great tour
    We had an enjoyable day with Barbara touring Ragusa and Modica. She is professional and knowledgeable and having grown up in Modica, knows the cities like the back of her hand. The osteria she brought us to for lunch was a real gem. The chocolate factory tour however is in my opinion not something you’ll regret missing.

  8. siptravel2015 ( NYC, USA ) 13/10/2017 alle 12:24

    Very good guide for Ragusa Ibla
    Barbara is a very good guide for Ragusa Ibla. She knows the area very well and made it very interesting for the four of us. She is also very pleasant and it was nice spending a couple of hours with her. She paced the tour for us nicely.

  9. Michael and Jennifer Mullan ( Ireland ) 28/07/2017 alle 20:27

    Great guide, super person! Barbara was warm, knowledgeable and a delight to be with.
    We needed a guide to show us around the main Montalbano sites when we were in Ragusa. We found Barbara through her website and were impressed by the positive comments there and on TripAdvisor. We are going to add to these!

    Barbara was warm, knowledgeable and a delight to be with. We learned a lot about the Inspector Montabano locations and Sicily. Barbara organised a taxi tour for us and went out of her way to make the tour eventful and enjoyable. Through Barbara’s perseverance we managed to see the office used by the Commissioner of Police. Thank you Barbara!

  10. Chrissie Courtney / Aisling Launder ( London / Cap d'Ail - France ) 26/05/2017 alle 15:33

    We wanted to say how much we enjoyed the Montalbano Tour with you today. It was just perfect and we appreciated how you also included historical aspects of the places we visited. Thank you so much for a very enjoyable and instructive day.

  11. siptravels2015 ( New York City - NY ) 13/10/2016 alle 08:34

    Very good guide for Ragusa Ibla
    Barbara is a very good guide for Ragusa Ibla. She knows the area very well and made it very interesting for the four of us. She is also very pleasant and it was nice spending a couple of hours with her. She paced the tour for us nicely.

  12. F. Norris ( Australia ) 18/09/2016 alle 05:55

    An evening with Barbara
    Ibla is a beautiful town but walking through the streets hearing of the culture and history with a local brought the town alive. Thank you Barbara for your knowledge, friendliness, warmth and for adapting the tour at my request. And for the inspector Montalbano insights……… loved them 🙂 Le 3 sorelle dal’australia ?

  13. Jo D 07/08/2016 alle 08:15

    Barbara is klasse!
    Barbara heeft ons als koppel 3 uur rondgeleid in Ragusa Ibla. En hoe! Ze kent haar geschiedenis, en zorgt ervoor dat we alle hoogtepunten gezien hebben. Maar ze kan ook heel goed vertellen: het trieste verhaal van de architect van het treinspoor, de verhalen van de nobelen van de stad, maar ook de trots van een sterrenrestaurant in Ragusa, die intussen ook een patisserie heeft, het ijs met wijnsmaken dat je absoluut moet proeven, de Ragusa kaas, de hype van Montalbano, … Barbara maakt het allemaal even boeiend. Een privé-rondeiding met Barbara is niet goedkoop, maar Barbara is de prijs waard!

  14. Mags M ( Hull - UK ) 06/08/2016 alle 08:00

    Barbara lei è PERFETTA
    Where do I begin? I had the most amazing time in the company of Barbara, her warmth, passion and knowledge of her native land oozes from her. We hit the trail of Montalbano, my goodness what an experience. Thank you Barbara Sudano my time in your company truly made my holiday..

  15. Jackie O - Prego53 ( Tacoma - Washington ) 17/07/2016 alle 10:49

    Best tour guide in Sicily!
    Barbara Sudano led a private tour for me in June 2016 in Ragusa Ibla. She is extremely knowledgeable and personable. Having had many tour guides in Sicily and in Italy, I believe Barbara is by far the best.

    She went well beyond her services by introducing me to someone at the Municipio (city hall) who helped me find my Grandmother’s birth certificate. She extended the time of the tour and was very helpful in recommending a good local hotel.

    I encourage travelers to book a tour with Barbara if you are touring in this Province. You will not be disappointed!

  16. Peter D. ( Melbourne - Australia ) 18/06/2015 alle 13:45

    A day with barbara
    A true local proud of her town and its heritage.
    Her insights into the history both from the time the city was brought down in a 15 thcentury quake to its more recent popularity following the filming of inspector montalbo!

    We left the town knowing just a little bit more about this wonderful part of sicily and the charm of this very beautiful city.
    Thank you Barbara for a wonderful experience!

  17. Enrico Salaroli ( Roma ) 09/06/2015 alle 06:00

    Ho avuto il piacere e la fortuna di giungere a Ragusa nello scorso mese di aprile con un gruppo turistico di Roma, mentre d’intorno esplodeva la primavera, ed ho così potuto visitare Ragusa Iblea e Modica con le migliori condizioni di tempo e con la guida competente, puntuale e simpaticamente affabile di Barbara Sudano. Il bel ricordo che ancora conservo di quel pomeriggio in terra “iblea” è sicuramente dovuto anche a Barbara, che ha saputo farci conoscere le bellezze artistiche e naturali di questi luoghi, oltre che con la sua innegabile professionalità, anche con quella comunicativa intrisa di “sicilianità” che tanto piace agli italiani del continente.
    Un mio augurio ? Poter tornare in Val di Noto, e visitare Ragusa con Barbara, ma anche con più tempo a disposizione e andare alla ricerca di luoghi ed atmosfere che in passato, ma anche nel presente, cinema e televisione hanno fatto conoscere a tutti.
    Enrico di Roma

  18. Elisabetta Caminiti ( Italia ) 11/05/2015 alle 06:56

    Ho organizzato un Educational per degli agenti stranieri molto VIP a Ragusa a Maggio e Barbara ha accompagnato il mio gruppo per un tour del Castello di Donnafugata. La bravura, la professionalità, il sorriso di Barbara sono stati apprezzati da tutti! La passione per il suo lavoro si vede dall’amore con cui descrive e fa vivere i posti che si visitano con lei.
    Grazie Barbara!
    A presto

  19. Renata Carboni ( Roma ) 22/04/2015 alle 14:39

    Ho organizzato un tour con il mio gruppo di appassionati d’arte, durante un viaggio in Sicilia, il 18 di aprile fra Noto, Ibla e Modica guidati da Barbara: bravissima!! Tutti molto soddisfatti e affascinati dall’atmosfera di luoghi incantati e dalla sicilianità che Barbara è riuscita a trasmetterci e farci apprezzare. Complice la bellissima giornata di sole e la passione della guida nel dedicarsi a noi, non possiamo che dire che torneremo con più tempo da dedicare a Scicli e ad altri luoghi di questa ricchissima isola, vero miracolo della natura.
    Grazie Barbara!

  20. Angelika Moryson ( Modena ) 08/04/2015 alle 07:33

    Unsere Gruppe deutscher Altphilologen möchte sich auf diese Weise ganz herzlich bei Barbara für den Tag in Ragusa, Modica und Scicli bedanken. Diese Städte mit ihr besichtigt zu haben, ist für uns ein Geschenk gewesen. Ihre natürliche und herzliche Art, ihre kompetente Führung durch die Orte, die Erklärung der geschichtlichen Hintergründe und Zusammenhänge haben wesentlich dazu beigetragen, auch an diesen Tag eine wunderschöne Erinnerung zu haben.
    Vielen Dank, Barbara, und bis zum nächsten Mal!
    Angelika Moryson

  21. Drake S ( Arizona ) 03/04/2015 alle 15:30

    Ms. Barbara Sudano gave me an all-day tour on March 24, 2015
    A couple years ago, Italian laws unfortunately changed to allow non-local (from outside the local area) guides to give short duration tours in local areas. Of the 6-7 guides I found researching via google, Barbara was the one who was born, raised, and still residing in Ragusa Province. I doubt a non-local guide, from say, Catania, would have known the mayor was out sick that day, thus enabling me (with the mayor’s secretary’s ok) to have my photo taken at the mayor’s desk: a familiar Montalbano film set (questura). The whole day was full of that kind of insider info access and expertise.

    Barbara showed me a gentle depth and breadth of understanding of local history, archaeology, baroque architecture, and their influence on prevailing Sicilian attitudes on current events and trends (for example, economics, immigration, agriculture). I’m a picky, demanding, non-Italian-speaker, yet within about 15 seconds of meeting her, Barbara’s knowledgeable, warm, and easygoing manner made it seem like we were old friends. The tone for the day was not that of a guide unilaterally blathering disconnected facts, but the opposite of a data dump, rather more like two friends sharing a relaxed, intriguing, delightful conversation. She responded precisely to my questions and was attentive to my level of interest in each of the variety of subjects that came to my mind. In other words, she went into details when I requested, but could explain with a broadbrush and big picture perspective as appropriate.
    Barbara comes across as a charming, sincere professional who cares about doing a good job. She started the day right on time (one minute early) even though my schedule required we begin at a different time and place than she initially proposed. After probing my food preferences that mid-afternoon moment, she picked a great restaurant that suited both my taste and timing. The food was delicious and inexpensive, and the proprietor-friend of Barbara gave me her cookbook (I’m still stunned) at the end of the meal. Barbara enjoys living in her fascinating corner of Sicily, enjoys enlightening her clients, and that enjoyment comes through. I learned much more than I anticipated and had fun doing so. Altogether a day I will not soon forget. At the end of my custom-tailored time with Barbara Sudano, yes I had more appreciation, admiration, and deeper understanding of Sicilian cuisine, art, history, and prevailing attitudes, but somehow the strongest impression I was left with was the feeling of happiness, relaxation, and being on vacation. Thank you, Barbara.

  22. Huw G ( Dorset ) 30/09/2014 alle 19:34

    Montalbano Tour
    Fantastic Day Tour in the Footsteps of Inspector Montalbano with exceptional Guide Barbara – Can not praise her highly enough- she met us at the Giardini Ibla in Ragusa and took us in her car throughout Ragusa province to all the main film locations as used in Commisor Montalbano TV series . Perfect English and so personable, Barbara is the perfct tour guide for this whole area and especially Montalbano locations. Perfect day out. Thank you Barbara!

  23. Gilda Saturnino ( Cava De' Tirreni-Salerno ) 28/12/2014 alle 17:29

    Ciao, non so se ti ricordi di me.. sono Gilda ci siamo conosciute quest’estate quando hai reso magico il mio viaggio di nozze facendomi conoscere tanti posti stupendi della tua Sicilia, ti scrivo per farti i miei auguri di buon Natale (anche se già trascorso), ma soprattutto di un felicissimo anno nuovo che veda realizzarsi i tuoi sogni più belli. un bacio , Gilda Saluti anche da mio marito Vincenzo Sileo

  24. Huw and Julie Gillard ( United Kingdom ) 29/09/2014 alle 20:39

    As all the previous Guests have said, the tour with Barbara is so delightful and memorable, making it an unforgettable experiance, with such a charming and personable, informative and kind lady, it can not be missed !! Thank you Barbara x

  25. Derek and Elspeth Maguire ( York, Yorkshire, England ) 28/09/2014 alle 20:47

    Wonderful weather and excellent day out following the Montalbano sites in Ragusa province.
    Thank you Barbara for driving us carefully from place to place and clearly explaining the details of each place. You were full of information about Camilleri and his characters, and about every aspect of Sicilian life, history and culture.
    And for being delightful!
    If you are looking for a fluent English speaking guide in the Ragusa / Modica region, look no further!
    Derek and Elspeth

  26. Corinne Tomeo ( California, United States ) 22/09/2014 alle 00:44

    Dear Barbara,

    Thank you so much for the wonderful day we spent with you on our Montalbano tour! It was definitely the highlight of our two week stay in Sicily! We loved seeing all of the sights and having lunch with you at “Montalbano’s restaurant” Da Enzo in Punta Secca! Your wealth of information and knowledge of the area really added immeasurably to our experience. Your kindness, easygoing manner, and passion for what you do all made for a very special day. I look forward to returning to Sicily soon to try one of the other tours you offer! Grazie Mille!


  27. gilda saturnino ( cava de' tirreni ) 31/07/2014 alle 13:31

    ciao bellissima! grazie per avermi regalato un sogno! sei simpatica, dolce professionale, preparatissima e, cosa più importante, mi è sembrato di aver passeggiato con un’amica. Sei generosa e bella come la tua terra. Non ti dimenticherò mai! baci baci baci.

  28. Elena, Paul, Monique & Nico ( Melbourne ) 25/07/2014 alle 01:40

    Cara Barbara,
    Ci siamo divertiti molto tutte e due delle gite che abbiamo fatto con te.
    Grazie per aver condiviso con noi la tua bella città di Modica e anche le bellissime Ragusa, Scicli e tutte i posti Montalbanese. Non vediamo l’ora di rivedere Il Commissario Montalbano per vedere di nuovo questi posti.
    Sentivamo ad agio nella tua compagnia, Barbara, dal inizio, grazie a tuo temperamento incantevole.
    Ero molto contenta avere l’opportunità’ comunicare con te in Italiano, grazie per la tua pazienza.
    Un abbraccio forte da,
    Elena, Paul, Monique & Nico

  29. Marcia & Ned ( Philadelphia ) 02/07/2014 alle 17:09

    We thank you for a most memorable day in Ragusa and Modica. Sharing some pix with you and want you to know how much we enjoyed the tour. Wishing you all the best. You are a very dear woman! Mario ” ha buona fortuna”.
    I will most definitely tell my friends to come to Sicily AND to request you as a guide. For sure!

    Keep in touch with any news. Visit us if in the States again.

    Grazie per tutto

  30. Claudia e Marco ( Santa margherita ligure ) 25/06/2014 alle 13:24

    Pur essendo italiana ho deciso di affidarmi a una guida del posto per conoscere e scoprire gli angoli segreti di questa parte della Sicilia. Barbara è una guida molto preparata che renderà il vostro viaggio indimenticabile. La consiglio a tutti, italiani e stranieri !

  31. Aisling ( Dublin ) 12/05/2014 alle 12:24

    Thanks Barbara for a fantastic ‘Montalbano’ tour – it was the main reason for our trip to Ragusa and you didn’t disappoint. We got to see all the main sites on a well-organised itinerary, and along with the historical/series information, you were also very pleasant company 🙂

  32. Heather and Steve ( Canada ) 10/04/2014 alle 08:05

    We spent a very memorable day with Barbara touring Ragusa, Modica and a bit of Scicli, enjoying local gelato, wine, chocolate, cheese and Sicilian cooking. All of this while Barbara brought to life the varied history and architecture of each town from wives on balconies built to spy on their husbands to Mussolini’s friends in Ragusa to a border crossing caused by fueds within the same town to cave homes inhabited until 1960. It was all so interesting and we thank you Barbara for making a very memorable day during our trip to Sicily. Be sure not to miss the olfactory tour and cooking lunch at the herb farm with Eriko and Rita, very special hosts! Until next time…

  33. Luisa & Gary Andrews ( Melbourne ) 13/10/2013 alle 00:29

    Dear Barbara ,
    Thanks again for one of the most unforgettable days of our trip. You were able to intermingle a Montalbano Tour with a rich informative guide to Ragusa and it’s history.
    Also as a detour, we are very grateful you helped us to find my Father’s house in Ibla.
    It was an absolute pleasure to meet you and wish you every success in the future with your business.
    Kind Regards,
    Luisa & Gary Andrews

  34. Cathy ( Perth, Australia ) 12/08/2013 alle 13:01

    We visited Ragusa for an afternoon. Because we were short on time I found a lovely guide, Barbara Sudano who met us at the bus stop and gave us a fabulous 3 hour tour. She lives in the area, speaks Italian and English, and provided excellent information about the town and its lovely Baroque buildings. Visit Ragusa and the neighbouring towns of Modica, Noto and Scicli to see amazing towns, beautiful buildings, and explore the winding streets of their historic centres.

  35. Els ( Belgium ) 07/08/2013 alle 16:12

    Beste Barbara,
    heel vele dank voor de Montalbano-Tour van zaterdag 03.08.2013.
    Dankzij jouw deskundigheid, vriendelijkheid en gedrevenheid heb ik bijzonder veel gezien van het mooie Zuid-Oost Sicilië (Ragusa Ibla, Donnafugata, Punta Secca, Scicli e Modica) en heb ik er veel over geleerd.
    Het was een schitterende dag. Heel vele dank!
    Vriendelijke groeten,

    Tentativo a traduzione in italiano:
    Cara Barbara,
    grazie mille per il Montalbano-Tour di sabato 03.08.2013.
    Grazie alla tua professionalità, la tua gentilezza e la tua natura appassionata ho visto tantissimo della bella Sicilia sud-orientale (Ragusa Ibla, Donnafugata, Punta Secca, Scicli e Modica) e ne ho imparato molto.
    `E stata una giornata splendida. Grazie mille !
    Cari saluti,

  36. Mauro Finelli ( Melfi ) 02/05/2013 alle 14:38

    Grazie, Barbara per il servizio altamente professionale che ci hai messo a disposizione, facendoci da guida, nella nostra recente visita della provincia di Ragusa. Sono Mauro Finelli, del gruppo del Dr. Nicolino Valente. Personalmente ho apprezzato molto la tua competenza, la tua preparazione e la gentilezza e la pazienza con la quale hai tenuto testa ad un gruppo di 50 persone. Non esiterò a contattarti, per il futuro, per futuri viaggi in Sicilia. Ti auguro ogni bene e ti saluto cordialmente

  37. Dee & Tom Little ( Punta Gorda - Florida ) 30/04/2013 alle 22:37

    What a beautiful day we spent with you in Ragusa and Modica….we thought that bride would never show up!!!!! We were so fortunate to have you as our tour guide…you made it all so interesting…we learned so much….and….remember it. Such a beautiful and interesting area of Sicily. Being with you was so easy and relaxed…like being with one of my daughters… such a fun day! Thank you, Barbara!

  38. Margaret Foss ( Wisconsin - USA ) 11/01/2013 alle 14:39

    We were fortunate to have Barbara guide us through Ragusa Ibla and Modica during our recent stay near Sampieri. Barbara has an encyclopedic knowledge of the area and the artifacts in many of the historic sites, as well as a great deal of cultural knowledge about Sicilia, in addition to a clear love for the area.
    The tour was a highlight of our visit in Sicily! We will always remember how to eat hard boiled eggs Sicilian style and that lovers leave locks with carved initials on the metal fence.
    Grazie mille!

  39. Rossella ( Milano ) 05/11/2012 alle 18:56

    Cara Barbara grazie ancora per la tua grande professionalità e umanità con la quale ci hai dato modo di “vivere” la tua regione : sei riuscita ad ammaliarci!
    Grazie per averci fatto emozionare nella tua splendida , magica , sensuale terra di Sicilia!

  40. Christine ( Grenoble ) 19/08/2012 alle 09:40

    Merci Barbara pour cette visite de Raguse en juillet 2012!
    Le sourire, la gentillesse et la compétence, c’était très agréable.

  41. Gary Portuesi ( New York - USA ) 08/08/2012 alle 19:31

    Thank you for your informative and insightful tour of Ragusa and Modica. Our Authentic Sicily Wine Tasting Tour group was very impressed with your knowledge and enjoyed your approachable style of explaining the history of the towns. We cannot wait to work with you again in the near future.
    Grazie di cuore!

  42. Gatti Cleonice ( Cernusco sul Naviglio ) 27/05/2012 alle 11:44

    La ringrazio a nome di tutto il gruppo ATL di Cernusco Sul Naviglio per la piacevole giornata che ci ha fatto trascorrere con la sua capacità di guida.

  43. Ömer Kayapınar ( Konya-Seydişehir - Turkey ) 30/11/2011 alle 17:07

    Smiling face. Good knowledge of her region both brief and detailed. Of course, Sicilian hospitality. This is Barbara!

    Dear Barbara, thank you for guiding us in Ragusa. it was nice to meet you.
    Tanti Baci dalla Turchia.

  44. Santo Passarello ( Australia ) 22/10/2011 alle 02:16

    Dear Barbara,
    Once again can I say what a pleasure it was to meet you!
    I meet many guides and many locals in my travels … take it from me you are special!
    I just visited your website – congratulations! A fantastic portal to many adventures!
    Please take care and a piu presto!!!!

  45. Larry Shannon ( Wexford - Ireland ) 25/09/2011 alle 16:37

    Hi Barbara,
    Thank you for a most enjoyable tour during our recent visit to beautiful Sicily. Your knowledge and warm personality made our daytrip to Syracuse, Ragusa and Modica so enjoyable. We plan to return for a much longer visit next year.
    Also, many thanks for posting our cards when we were unable to purchase stamps, they arrived safe and sound.
    Wishing you continued sucess in the future.
    Kind Regards,
    Catherine & Larry

  46. Jenn & Simon ( Toronto - Canada ) 20/02/2011 alle 02:10

    It was a pleasure spending time with Barbara and soon you know you are seeing,learning and experiencing some wonderful places with a friend – an extremely knowledgable friend. Barbara’s enthusiasm to leave you with knowledge as she tells such a great story of the history and culture of beautiful parts of Sicily. Barbara is a credit to her role and we, unreservedly, recommend her.
    With our thanks & appreciation, jenn & simon

  47. Alexandra Bauer ( Los Angeles ) 08/09/2011 alle 18:57

    Thank you very much for a very enjoyable day. It was a pleasure meeting you!

  48. Carmen Difesa ( Malta ) 22/07/2011 alle 17:34

    Hi Barbara,
    It was a great pleasure to get to know you on our trip to Sicily. You are a special person who can offer excellent service to your guests. I have visited Sicily many times before but this was a special day as you offered this impeccable service to all your guests on board the coach. I also want to congratulate you for your English accent in your speech. It was an unforgetable day for me and my small group. We have things in common as I am also a tourist guide of the island of Malta, which I hope you will visit again soon. Your kindness is something to be felt all the time. I wish you the very best of everything. Hope we will meet one day.

  49. Effie Brown ( Gozo Malta ) 06/07/2011 alle 06:29

    Our trip to Modica was enlivened by Barbara’s knowledge, kindness and enthusiasm. The one disappointment was as this was a private group of four we had to divide ourselves between two cars, one group therefore missing some of the interesting commentary. I wish Barbara every success so that she and her husband can purchase a small bus and run their own tours!

  50. Grazia, Saverio e Willy ( Roccella Ionica ) 30/05/2011 alle 17:00

    Barbara, sei una guida speciale, ci auguriamo di incontrati ancora. Tutto il gruppo è rimasto soddisfatto del tuo modo di porti.
    Grazie ancora di tutto.
    Un caro abbraccio e auguri per il tuo lavoro.

  51. Haili, Xiaodong and Leo Kong ( Pennsylvania ) 08/01/2010 alle 16:05

    I would like to express our heartfelt thanks to you for your professional introduction of several ancient cities in Sicily to us and for your very kind friendship, which made our Sicily trip so enjoyable as well as educational.
    ….Barbara is a first-rank tour professional, warm and knowledgeable, and made us understand and learn so much about Sicily…we are very grateful. We all feel that we could not wait long to make another trip to Sicily. At the same time, we sincerely hope you may come to the US to visit us some time soon!

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