Chiaramonte Gulfi

Half day tour – up to 4 hours

Chiaramonte’s panoramic terrace, on the north-west of he town just in front the Cappuccini church, is better known as the “balcony of Sicily” because of the splendid view it offers to its visitors.

After a pleasant stroll in the 18th century Public Gardens, we will visit the church of St. Maria La Nova, keep on walking along San Paolo and San Giovanni streets and visit the medieval quarter with its beautiful Arch of Annunziata, the only gate survived to the 1693 earthquake. Our visit also includes two museums: the Museum of Oil and the Museum of Sicilian Hand Embroidery. Not very far from the previous museums you will see St. John’s Church. The view is gorgeous! If you drive about three kilometres from the town you will get the Shrine of Gulfi. It was built in the 18th century and holds the beautiful Madonna with the Child inside a superb baroque canopy.